A New Adventure

“I dove in head first to the blogging world” would be an accurate statement.  I just decided one day that I wanted to start a blog, and no more than 24 hours later I had already done countless hours of research on how to start a blog and read articles on articles from popular published blogs I found online.  No more than 48 hours later, I decided on the type of blog I would create and picked a name for it, brainstormed topics that I wanted to write about, signed up on WordPress, started thinking about design concepts for a logo, and started a draft of this first post.  I was hooked by the idea immediately and just ran with it.

I have to give my husband some credit – the idea probably stemmed from a conversation we had one night where he told me, “I think you should write a book” (for about the third time), to which I responded with a laugh and said “Yeah, okay, about what?”  I have never aspired to be an author and never dreamed of publishing a book one day, but I do enjoy writing.  I also really enjoy reading travel blogs; I love finding new recipes to cook and DIY crafts to try. I am captivated by any post about marriage or motherhood.  So then the blog idea popped into my head, and I decided to take a stab at creating some of this content on my own.

The hardest (and most discouraging) part about starting this blog was deciding what to write about and knowing that there were probably millions of other blogs already out there on the same topic. Everything I found in my research was saying choose a niche and go from there, but I don’t consider myself a “subject matter expert” on any particular topic and really wanted to write about a variety of things, including food, travel, marriage, DIY, decor, work and more.  That’s when I decided to forget the niche concept and dub my blog as a “lifestyle” blog.

Choosing a name for the blog was the next hardest part.  I know the beginning of this post stated that I jumped in and made some decisions rather quickly (which is true), but I did give the name some thought.  I made a list of words and phrases that described my vision for the blog, looked up synonyms for those words and phrases to expand the list, and when I got to Her Roots + Wings it really resonated with me.  I slept on it, but my mind was made up; it symbolized what I wanted this blog to be and what I wanted to write about – “Roots” for everything that keeps me grounded (my marriage, my family, my home) and “Wings” because I have a strong passion for adventures, traveling, and experiencing new things.

After choosing the type of blog and the name of the blog, I really got to thinking about its purpose.  People start blogs for a variety of reasons – to occupy some free time, to gain an online presence, to make money (just to name a few).  This blog is going to be a new hobby of mine, but more than that, it’s going to encourage me to spend time doing some of my other hobbies. If I’m going to write about fun recipes to try, or new DIY projects to take on, or places to travel – I’m going to have to go out of my way to do all of those things.  It’s going to be my motivator for new adventures and my outlet.  Obviously in doing so, one of my goals is to gain readership and an audience (otherwise, this would be a diary and not a blog).  But my hope is that readers will find the posts to be relatable, inspiring, and valuable.

So, if you’re reading this initial post, thank you and I hope you follow along on this “new adventure.”



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